Destination + East Coast Wedding Videography

Documented To Feel Nostalgic, curated to look Unrivaled

Cinematography that is casual and sophisticated — reminiscent of home, and evoking a sense of grandeur. Let’s produce something of your own that you can share, but also revel in.

With an understated approach that skillfully tells your story.

Yeattes Productions is a wedding videography studio based on the east coast that specializes in weddings, destination events and commercial campaigns. When they step into an event, Mark and his team are mindful of their footprint.

Whether it’s their interactions with guests, or the equipment on hand, their process is streamlined to ensure a beautiful guest experience with moments that unfold naturally. 



About Mark Yeattes

Founder. Lead filmmaker. Editor.

Mark’s perspective is influenced by an innate desire to seek out beauty and nostalgia.

Capturing everything from seaside weddings to commercial campaigns, Mark’s style is a unique mix of documentary and editorial techniques — reflecting the real moments. The environment he creates for clients and vendors alike is underlined by professionalism and efficiency. He accomplishes all of this while bringing an air of lightheartedness to any setting he documents, always keeping the mood approachable and inviting. 

And with influences from travel and an eye for composition, Mark’s films reflect the real moments. It is the endeavor for unfiltered and beautiful experiences that inspires Mark.

The Approach

Mindful of your experience /
focusing on the organic moments /
With fashion-forward edits /
Understated and nostalgic /

From his kind demeanor, to his talent, Mark provides a professional experience while simultaneously delivering beautiful work that I feel proud to show my clients, and showcase in my portfolio.

As a planner, I need someone I can trust to accomplish my client’s vision, and as a designer I need someone who constantly captures the details with precision and finesse, and Mark provides just that!

- Kaleb Norman James


Devon Burks


Neariah Jefferson



The Team